Beautiful fried egg plant -

Beautiful fried egg plant – bees love it. 

ONCOBA spinosa is a spiny shrub or small tree. It is evergreen and can grow to over 2 metres. The best thing about the Oncoba is its beautiful  showy, sweet-scented, white flowers with masses of yellow, overlapping stamens in the centre, which gives it’s other name – fried egg plant. The hard shelled fruit is made into snuff boxes, but who snuffs snuff anymore? The seed pods are better used as rattles that dancers tie around their ankles to shake the beat. The bark of this plant is mottled grey and rather smooth. The young branches are conspicuously speckled with lenticels. The spines are straight and up to 50 mm in length. It bears large (90 mm wide) . Great for hedging.

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