Landscaping – Indigenous Trees and Green car park at Baobab college, Lusaka, Zambia

In September 2012, we were asked to convert the old playing fields into a “green” car park at Baobab college. There was a huge mound of earth which we used to demarcate the car park lines and which we moved by a few men with wheelbarrows.  We planted 230 indigenous trees,  lots of shrubs and some ground cover, and planted grass.

Baobab school before BeforeBeforeBefore Baobab school before


One year later. 2013

IMG_1953 IMG_1958  IMG_1967 IMG_1963  IMG_4056



We visited Baobab college last week to deliver some Baobab trees and we were delighted to see the Green car park looking like the shady woodland that was dreamt of. Indigenous trees grow fast and well if they are looked after.

Green car parkAlbizzia labbeck BB after 7Baobab after 6Baobab after 5Baobab after 4Baobab atfer 3Baobab after 2Baobab after 1Shade trees - Trema


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