About Us

Trees-4-Zambia was started by Adam and Clare Pope in the 1990’s.

Picture of Adam

Adam Pope has spent all his life in Zambia. He shares with his family a deep love of the African bush, learning to identify the flora of Zambia from an early age. He has worked in the natural resource sector for many years and has been the President of the Wild Life and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia (WECSZ) and of the Kasanka Trust Ltd. Adam started collecting seeds on his bush expeditions, stuffing seeds in pockets, finding them on the dressing table, planting them and always seemed surprised when they germinated and flourished. The hobby grew from a rather hit and miss affair to a tree nursery with over 100 different indigenous species and probably over eight thousand seedlings. The challenge is now to persuade the Zambian people that planting indigenous trees is a good alternative to the popular exotic trees that dominate the urban landscape.

Picture of Clare

Clare Pope has spent most of her professional life in various countries in Africa and Asia working in social development. She married Adam in 1995 and learnt patience while she waited endless hours while Adam searched for seeds on their way home from various trips. She is now learning about trees and is particularly interested in the use of indigenous trees in garden and landscape design. She has used indigenous trees in some garden landscaping work.

Seed collecting

The Trees-4-Zambia nursery is situated on Chifwema Road in East Lusaka. 15°29’17.10″S 28°26’0.30″E

We are open between 9 am and 4 pm Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sundays.