September and it is seed collection time! Trees-4-Zambia grow all the trees from seed, mostly collected locally. This week we have collected several species of Albizzia, Acacia, Sterquilia, and Croton. We start the seeds off in the new polytunnel, it gets hot and humid and within a few days seeds have germinated and new trees […]

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Beautiful Dombeya

Dombeya in flower

Dombeya rotundifoli Common Name: Wild Pear Family: Sterculiaceae A small – medium deciduous tree that produces a stunning mass of white flowers in early spring. It makes an ideal avenue tree, very attractive specimen tree especially in a small garden. A great tree for bees and butterflies. Plant in groups for maximum effect.  Height : […]

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What Trees (and other friends) are Flowering in September 2018

  I went for a wander in our garden and found so many trees and shrubs flowering. The Bombax flowers were floating to the ground and I thought this is where they got the idea for Avatar from. The large Combretum molle has abundant yellow flowers full of bees and birds. Combretum microphylum was scrambling […]

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