Note: This list of references is not exhaustive but has been used by us on a regular basis. They are all user-friendly. Some publications have specialisations, for example the Bolnick/Bingham A Guide to the Common Wild Flowers is just that, as is the Burrows’Figs of Southern and South-Central Africa. Venter’s Making the Most of Indigenous Treesis a goldmine of information on propagating indigenous trees. Keith Coates Palgrave Trees of Southern Africa is familiar to many and is probably the most up-to-date and exhaustive publication on the trees of Southern Africa – filling a similar niche for amateur botanists asRoberts Birds of Southern Africa does for bird lovers. There are numerous other publications that are very useful. The Smith and Allen Field Guide to the Trees and Shrubs of the Miombo Woodland is an essential supplement for central and northern Zambia andFlora Zambesiaca is the central publication for all things botanical in this part of the world.


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