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Trees are the lungs of the world. Without trees we will have no rain, no rivers, no crops. Trees clean and cool the air, act as a carbon sink, and are an important part in controlling global warming and climate change. Trees protect our soils, cool our streets and water sources. In our city of Lusaka, trees provide shade in the garden, on the streets, in car parks and schools and clinics. The trees provide colour and interest – flowers, leaves, pods, seeds. Some trees provide medicine, vitamins and food as well as building materials. Trees are food to many mammals, birds and insects, attracting them into the garden. Some trees also increase fertility in the soil.

In response to the climate crisis and the recent felling of trees along the streets of Lusaka, Lusaka International Community School, (LICS) PTA initiated the LEAVE YOUR ROOTS IN ZAMBIA” project. We hope that other organisations and institutions, including members of WECSZ, may decide to join this initiative which could carry on carry on for some years.

TREES-4-ZAMBIA is an indigenous tree and shrub nursery, which aims to encourage the planting of indigenous trees in parks and gardens, on private and public land, along the sides of streets, around factories, as memorials in graveyards, in school yards and around health clinics, in market places – anywhere and everywhere. Trees-4-Zambia assists the “Leave Your Roots in Zambia” project by providing advice and tree seedlings of various sizes and species and facilitating the planting of trees.

leave roots in zambia

Ngewerere school picking up 20 trees to be planted at their school.

Trees-4-Zambia are working with the Wildlife Education and Conservation Society, Lusaka Branch on this project. WECSZ provides the and education and facilitation of community based tree planting programmes while Trees-4-Zambia supplies the trees, sometimes transport and planting advice. Currently (February 2020) we have over 100 trees to plant through Leave Roots in Zambia project. 20 trees have already been planted at Bauleni Catholic church. 20 assorted species were collected by a school in the Ngwerere area, 20 more will be planted at Crested Crane school, Leopards Hill road, on Wednesday 26thFebruary.  Several trees will be planted at various locations on 21st March on the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF FORESTS.

Leave Roots in Zambia project works like this:

You buy a tree or trees (for K100/tree);


Trees-4-Zambia team at Bauleni Catholic church


20 trees planted at Bauleni Catholic church

WECSZ and/or Trees-4-Zambia facilitates a process whereby trees are planted through existing environment clubs supported by the Wildlife Education Conservation Society or other community based organisations. Active and enthusiastic conservation clubs will benefit from this initiative. The cost of the tree includes the costs of the facilitation, the transport of trees, manure and anti-termite solution and the education processes.

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